Departmental committees (2013-14)

Vice Chair:
K. Treseder

Graduate Advisor:
B. Hawkins

Graduate Admissions:
K. Thornton, Chair
D. German
J. Martiny
Grad student ‐ TBD

Prescription Committee:
B. Hawkins, Chair
A. Long
M. Azizi

Undergrad Curriculum Committee: (meets with School Undergrad Cabinet)
K. Treseder
N. Aquilar-Roca

Majors Assessment:
(required for campus accreditation)
C. Loudon

Departmental Web Page:
M. McHenry
Undergraduate Honors Committee:   (judge undergraduate honors projects)
D. Wodarz, Chair
B. Gaut
A. Sakai

GAANN Steering Committee:
L. Mueller, Chair
S. Rasmann
S. Weller

Mentoring (quarterly lunch)
T. Bradley (German)
J. Hicks (Azizi)
A. Long (Emerson)

Common Lab Steering Committee: (deals with issues regarding common equipment, including computational issues as needed)
T. Long, Chair
R. Bush
J. Ranz

School Honors Committee: 
(Meets with a School committee to help identify EEB faculty eligible for campus and outside awards)
M. Rose
S. Frank

Undergraduate Majors Committee:  (oversees the undergrad EEB major)
P. Bowler, Chair
S. Allison
K. Mooney

Seminar Committee:
(arranges seminar in Fall and Spring quarters)
J. Avise, Chair
A. Briscoe
J. Ranz
D. Wodarz
A. Martiny
JJ Emerson

Undergraduate Commencement Attendees:
(certainly others are welcome!)
L. Mueller
J. Hicks
A. Briscoe
A. Long
M. Azizi
R. Berkelhamer
N. Aquilar-Roca
S. Weller


Google Apps

Members of the department may take advantage of UCI's Google Apps. This is useful for such tasks as collaborating on documents and sharing password protected content.
More information on UCI's Google Apps can be found here.
Here are links to get started (requires a UCI NetID).

1. Sign up.

2. Sign in to Docs or Sites.

3. Email Matt to request access to the departmental Google Site.


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