Department Chairs

164 T.Huxman

Travis E. Huxman, Ph.D

Department Chair

Office: Steinhaus Hall 449

Catherine Loudon, Ph.D.

Department Vice Chair

Office: McGaugh Hall 5215

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Matthew McHenry, Ph.D.

Department Vice Chair

Office: McGaugh Hall 5232

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The EEB staff is here to help faculty and graduate students find what they need to be successful! The EEB Staff directory contains contact information for each department staff member.


Marissa Reyes

Department Administrator

Office: Steinhaus Hall, Room 321 B

Marie Navas

Department Coordinator

Office: Steinhaus Hall 321

Research Administration and Development

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Sarah McCarthy

Principal Personnel Analyst

Office: Natural Sciences II, Room 4127


Shannon Walsh

Purchasing Services

Office: Steinhaus Hall, Room 315

Student Affairs

Kyuri Byun

Graduate Affairs & Instructional Program Coordinator

Office: Steinhaus Hall, Room 321A

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Below you will find helpful information on what each staff member is responsible for the department.
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