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Core Curriculum

Students must complete a minimum of 5 core courses during their first six academic quarters.
Two of those courses are required graduate level courses that all students
must take: Quantitative Methods (E207) and Writing Grant Proposals (E204).

In addition students must take one course each in the areas of Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution.
Although all three courses can be taken at the graduate level, one of the three courses may be taken as an upper division undergraduate course in a field in which students have not taken any previous undergraduate courses.

If a student wishes to request an exception (an exemption or substitution), s/he must submit a written request to the Graduate Advisor. Once approval has been given, the student must submit a General Petition found at http://www.grad.uci.edu/forms/index.html to Graduate Division.

2018-2019 Offerings of Approved Core Curriculum Courses

Eco Evo 207 (Quantitative Methods): Fall 2018
Eco Evo 204 (Writing Grant Proposals): Spring 2019

Physiology, Undergraduate courses
E109 (Human Physiology): Fall 2018 and Winter 2019
E127 (Plant Physiology): not offered in 2018-2019
E138 (Comparative Animal Physiology): Fall 2018
E139 (Animal Sensing & Motion): Spring 2019
E145 (Animal Coloration and Vision): Winter 2019
E183 (Exercise Physiology): Winter 2019
E188 (Insect Physiology): not offered in 2018-2019
E190 (Microbiomes): Fall 2018

Physiology, Graduate courses
E208 (Organismal Biology): not offered in 2018-2019
E227 (Physiological Plant Ecology): not offered in 2018-2019
Physio 206 (Intro Medical Physiology) and  Anatomy 201 (Human Gross Anatomy):
odd schedule;intensive and take most of the year to complete; see Tim Bradley or Jim Hicks if interested

Ecology, Undergraduate courses

E118 (Ecosystems Ecology): Spring 2019
E151 (Pop Dynamics in Ecology, Epidemiology, and Medicine): not offered in 2018-2019
E166L (Ecology Lab): Fall 2018
E186L (Population and Community Ecology): Fall 2018

Ecology, Graduate courses
E205 (Special Topics in Ecology): Fall 2018
E251 (Pop Dynamics in Ecology, Epidemiology, and Medicine; concurrent with E151): not offered in 2018-2019

Evolution, undergraduate courses
E135 (Molecular Evolution): not offered in 2018-2019
E137 (Genetics of Complex Traits): not offered in 2018-2019
E153 (Functional and Structural Evolutionary Genomics): not offered in 2018-2019
E154 (Genetics & Human History): not offered in 2018-2019
E168 (Advanced Evolutionary Biology): Spring 2019

Evolution, Graduate course
E206 (Special Topics in Evolution): not offered in 2018-2019

Departmental seminar series
Most quarters there is a Departmental Seminar Series (Eco Evo 201), where seminars are presented by research scientists from UCI as well as other universities.
All graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend these seminars.

Advanced graduate courses
The department offers advanced graduate seminar courses (eg: 210, 221, 223, 235, 285)
in evolution, ecology, statistics and comparative physiology.

University teaching
If a student serves as a teaching assistant for a class, they must enroll
in Eco Evo 399 (University Teaching) for 4 units, in each quarter that they TA.


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