Core Curriculum

Students are required to complete a minimum of four core courses during their first six academic quarters. Two of those courses are required graduate-level courses that all students must take:

ECO EVO 204 Writing Grant Proposals
ECO EVO 207 Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolutionary

In addition, students must take two additional courses (3-4 units each) at the graduate level. The courses can be taken from any department on campus, but must be approved by the student’s committee as relevant to their area of research. Both courses should be taken at the graduate level.

If a student wishes to request an exception (an exemption or a substitution), the student must submit a written request justifying the reason to the Graduate Advisor.

Potential courses of interest to EEB students

Courses offered in 2024-2025
Eco Evo 203A (Welcome to Grad School)
Eco Evo 205 (Special Topics in Ecology)
Eco Evo 282 (Fundamentals of Informatics for Biologists)

Eco Evo 203B (Puzzles)
Eco Evo 207 (Quantitative Methods)
Eco Evo 238 (Chemical Ecology)
Eco Evo 246 (Eco Evo Education)
Eco Evo 264 (Conservation Biology, MCRS)
Eco Evo 283 (Advanced Informatics)

Eco Evo 203C (Advanced Scientific Writing)
Eco Evo 231 (Communication Skills)
Eco Evo 253 (Functional and Structural Evolutionary Genomics)

Tentatively planned courses for 2025-2026
Eco Evo 203 (Genetics)
Eco Evo 204 (Writing Grant Proposals)
Eco Evo 227 (Physiological Plant Ecology)
Eco Evo 239 (Advanced Animal Locomotion)
Eco Evo 247 (Behavioral Endocrinology)
Eco Evo 289 (Evolution)

Departmental seminar series
Most quarters there is a Departmental Seminar Series (Eco Evo 201), where seminars are presented by research scientists from UC Irvine as well as other universities.
All graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend these seminars.

Advanced graduate courses
The department offers advanced graduate seminar courses (eg: 210, 221, 230)
in evolution, ecology, statistics and comparative physiology.