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2023 Dean’s Report

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Dear UC Irvine Dunlop School Community,  

I am thrilled to unveil the latest edition of the Annual Dean’s Report, titled “The Biology of California,” which features our faculty’s exceptional research that addresses pressing societal challenges, thereby shaping the future of California and beyond.

Our annual report represents one of the major ways in which we communicate our successes and highlights the transformative impact of our research efforts, educational programs and community engagement initiatives. Through insightful narratives, compelling visualizations, engaging storytelling and captivating photography by Professor Emeritus Ian Parker, the 2023 Dean’s Report celebrates our collective journey and fosters a sense of unity among our vibrant student, faculty, staff and alumni communities.

Beyond providing an overview of our academic departments and programs, the report delves into our commitment to sustainability, community outreach and partnerships that enhance our impact beyond the campus boundaries. It serves as a testament to our leadership in the biological sciences, our pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of society and our unwavering dedication to social responsibility.

We encourage you to explore the digital version of the 2023 Dean’s Report, which offers an immersive reading experience, and share it within your network to spread awareness of our school and its remarkable achievements. Join us in celebrating our successes, recognizing the incredible talents within our community and envisioning a future filled with boundless possibilities.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to our shared mission of academic excellence. Together, we continue to shape a brilliant future for BioSci.    

Read 2023 Dean’s Report    


Frank LaFerla, PhD
Dean and Distinguished Professor
 | dean.bio.uci.edu


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