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EEB Run Club Makes a Strong Showing at the 2024 OC Marathon Running Festival

EEB Run Group
Run Club members pose for a photo after the events of the 2024 OC Marathon running festival.
Photo credit: Jessica Pratt

On May 4 and 5, members of the EEB (Ecology & Environmental Biology) Run Club laced up their sneakers to participate in the 2024 OC Marathon running festival. Showcasing their community spirit and love for running, the club’s members took part in various race events, including the full marathon, half marathon and 5K.

Organized in 2023 by EEB postdoc Britt Bertolet, the EEB Run Club has grown quickly into a vibrant community. Bertolet saw an opportunity to foster community bonds while promoting well-being through exercise. Since its inception, the club has not only participated in prominent Southern California races but also organized fun events like the Halloween-themed Barbie run and a Thanksgiving run followed by a potluck at Assistant Professor Alejandra Rodriguez-Verdugo’s residence.

The club’s commitment to inclusivity and camaraderie shines through with an open invitation for anyone to participate. Members from all facets of the university community, including students, postdocs, staff and faculty, as well as individuals from other schools and departments, are welcomed to join the runs. Meet-ups start with friendly introductions and conclude with everyone regrouping to share food and drinks, reinforcing the social thread that binds the group together.

At the OC Marathon, the participation was robust. Run Club members, including Professor Steven Allison, Professor Monica Daley, Professor Kailen Mooney, Undergraduate Student Researcher Rubí Tapia, Associate Teaching Professor Jessica Pratt, Director of Information Technology Services Matthew Martinez and Assistant Professor Rodriguez-Verdugo all finished their chosen events with a great sense of accomplishment and only minor aches and pains.

Regular club meetings typically take place on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. outside the Dunlop School 3 building, where members choose their own workouts around the Ring Road. Whether opting to run or walk, the essence of Run Club is about personal goals and collective encouragement.

The EEB Run Club’s participation in the 2024 OC Marathon running festival not only highlights members’ passion for running but also exemplifies their commitment to building a supportive environment. With their custom-designed t-shirts and a tradition of running miles equivalent to the age of runners celebrating birthdays, the club maintains a playful yet determined spirit. As they continue to enjoy local running events and foster a sense of belonging, Run Club stands out as a beacon of community and wellness on UC Irvine’s campus.

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