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What fungi tell us about climate changeKathleen Treseder, February 2020

Valley Fever Still Coming Soon Because Climate Change , Kathleen Treseder, September 2019

ASM. Petrie-Norris Asks Governor to Sign Sea-Level Rise Bill , Kathleen Treseder, September 2019

UCI Biologist Part of Team to Sequence of the Komodo Dragon Genome , James Hicks, August 2019

Why science needs the humanities to solve climate change , Steve Allison & Tyrus Miller, August 2019

Study examines a million corals one by one in urgent call to save reefs , Joleah Lamb, August 2019

UCI School of BioSci Newsletter July 2019 , Department, July 2019

Flying colors: Researcher reveals hidden world through the eyes of butterflies , Adriana Briscoe, July 2019

Player Position Determines Head Injury Risk in Water Polo , Jim Hicks, May 2019

Climate Change Could Spur Northward Aquatic Invasion , Cascade Sorte & Samuel Mahanes, May 2019

Kathy Alberti Faculty & Staff Award Recipient , Kathleen Treseder May 2019

Transgender researchers want to make an impact , Beck Wehrle, May 2019

“Underwater sleuth” , Joleah Lamb, May 2019

Deans Distinguished Lecture: Catching Your Breath , Kathleen Treseder, May 15 2019

Latino Excellence Achievement Awards , Alberto Soto & Michelle Herrera, April 2019

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards , Nancy Aguilar-Roca & Jessica Pratt , April 2019

UCI ecologist co-authors UN Environment report on impact of plastics on coral reefs , Joleah Lamb, March 2019

UCI HEAL Initiative Team Building Research Grant Award , Jennifer Martiny, March 2019

Seagrass digestion by a notorious ‘carnivore’, Samantha Leigh, Donovan German, September 2018

Frankly with Dean La Ferla (Ep.4), Dean LaFerla featuring Dr.Kathleen Treseder, July 2018

Professor Avise named a Fellow of the California Academy of Science, July 2018

Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience, Cascade Sorte, Nancy Aguilar-Roca, Jessica Pratt, July 2018

Reappointment of Dean Frank LaFerla, June 2018

Frankly with Dean La Ferla (Ep.3), Dean LaFerla featuring Dr. James Hicks, June 2018

Frankly with Dean LaFerla (Ep.2), Dean LaFerla featuring Dr. James Hicks, May 2018

“Smaller, Faster, Stronger”, Manny Azizi, May 2018

“The Wyland Foundation’s Earth Month Hero Award”- KCAL 9 Video , Celia Faiola, April 2018

“The Wyland Foundation’s Earth Month Hero Award” , Celia Faiola, April 2018

UCI Latino Excellence Award, Adriana Briscoe, April 2018

“Young Dreamer to speak in the March for Science”, Evelyn Valdez Ward, April 2018

2018 NSF GRFP Recipients, Tiffany Batarseh, Samuel Bedgood, Kendra Walters, April 2018

\Professor Jennifer Martiny selected as Chancellors Fellow, Jennifer Martiny, Mar 2018

Crystal Reynaga and Liz Hemming-Schroeder – 2018 Chancellors Club Fund for Excellence Fellows, Mar 2018

Susan Finkbeiner EEB Alumni, “U. of C. scientist leads ‘double life’ as runway model: ‘It’s this crazy Cinderella story'” Feb, 2018

“A hunt for the invasive dark unicorn snail shows UCI students how climate change is altering Crystal Cove tide pools”, Cascade Sorte, Lauren Pandori. Piper Wallingford, Ritika Singh, Feb 2018

“Exciting News From the Office of Vice Provost and Graduate Division Dean, Frances M. Leslie”, Crystal Reynaga, Feb 2018

“Emerging Understanding of Seagrass and Kelp as an Ocean Acidification Management Tool in California”, Matthew Bracken, Jan 2018

“Meet the Worlds First Eating Salad Eating Sharl” Samantha Leigh, Jan 2017

Samantha Leigh has won a “Public Impact Fellowship” from UCI for her research’s impact on the public sphere.

“Interdisciplinary, Problem-Based Scholarship and Teaching in Action at UCI”, Jessica Pratt, Rossella Santagata Jan 2017

“School of Biological Sciences Professor Amongst 2017 Most Cited Researchers”, Steven Allison, Jan 2018

“Dean’s Early Career Awardees”, Mahul Chakraborty, Yongfeng Zhou, Dec 2017

“Natural Selection may Favour younger mothers and higher BMI in men”, Jaleal Sanjak, Dec 2017

“U.S. science groups make last-minute push to influence final tax deal”, Alyssa Frederick, Dec 2017

“DACA recipients are counting down to their ‘expiration dates'”, Evelyn Valdez-Ward, Dec 2017

“UCAR names inaugural Next Generation Fellows”, Linh Anh Cat, Nov 2017

“Adriana Briscoe and Kathleen Treseder are named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science”, Adriana Briscoe, Kathleen Treseder, Nov 2017

“Uncovering the Mystery of the Domestication of Grapes”, Brandon Guat, Nov 2017

“I’m an undocumented scientist fighting for my Dream”, Evelyn Valdez-Ward, Science, Nov 2017

Guest Commentary: Deciding about climate change, Keri Wilson, Ramona Sentinel, Nov 2017

International Science Policy Council Appointment, Oct 2017

New Training Program for Environmental Management, Oct 2017

Soil could speed up global warming way more than we thought, Steve Allison, Newsweek, Oct 2017

Evelyn Valdez-Ward shares her story about DACA, Sept 2017

EEB members rally to support DACA students (check out last photo in slide show) Lake Forest Patch, Sept 2017

Tim Bradley is pushing the state for action on Salton Sea Desert Sun, Sept 2017

California needs to address housing crisis to meet long-term climate change goals Steven Allison, OC Register, Aug 2017

Super Soil: Healthiest Farm in California (Steven Allison) August 2017

From abalone to advocacy (Alyssa Frederick) July 2017

NSF awards Research Traineeship grant to EEB’s Steven Allison (Steven Allison) July 2017

Getting to the roots of Sahara mustard invasion in the American Southwest (Daniel Winkler) July 2017 

How Fungi Affect Climate Change (Kathleen Treseder) July 2017

New Study on Heliconius Butterflies -Adriana Briscoe May 2017

Professor Adriana Briscoe discovered that male and female Heliconius butterflies see the world differently from each other.

Evolutionary Genetics -John Avise May 2017

Professor John Avise published book “Conceptual breakthroughs in evolutionary genetics: a brief history of shifting paradigms,” which has had a great impact in the field of evolutionary science.

Life Amongst the Clouds -Caitlin Looby May 2017

Ph.D. candidate Caitlin Looby writes about the impact of climate change on the cloud forest of the Monteverde mountains in Costa Rica.

2017 Celebration of Teaching -Brandon Gaut and Bradley Hughes May 2017

Professor Brad Hughes and Brandon S. Gaut received “Celebration of Teaching” awards.

American Academy of Microbiology Fellow -Jennifer Martiny May 2017

Professor Jennifer B.H. Martiny was elected 2017 fellow by the American Academy of Microbiology.

New Master’s Program in Conservation and Restoration May 2017

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Center for Environmental Biology (CEB) announce the new Masters in Conversation and Restoration Science (MCRS) graduate program.

UCI relies heavily on federal science funding threatened by Trump -Steven Allison Apr 2017

Professor Steven Allison wrote about federal science funding at UCI in the Los Angeles Times Daily Pilot.

Saving Our Planet -Timothy Bradley Mar 2017

Professor Tim Bradley speaks to UCI Magazine about the Salton Sea project and the role nature should play in our lives.

New Faculty -Dr. Celia Faiola and Dr. Ilhem Messaoudi Mar 2017

Welcome new faculty members of the Biological Sciences School, EEB Dr. Celia Faiola and MBB Dr. Ilhem Messaoudi.

School of Biological Sciences Professor Advocates Federal Funding of Environmental Research -Steve Allison Mar 2017

EEB Professor Steven Allison traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for federal funding of environmental research.

EEB Professors Cascade Sorte, Jennifer Martiny and Travis Huxman named fellows of the Ecological Society of America (ESA).

Honoring Our Future Innovators -Alyssa Braciszewski Feb 2017

School of Biological Sciences graduate students Allison Najafi and Zachariah Reagh (Neurobiology and Behavior), Alyssa Braciszewski (EEB), and Christine Schneider (MBB) were honored at ARCS Scholars Luncheon for their innovative research projects.

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